How’s is everyone’s Wednesday? Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, I’ve been a bit busy with these babies of mine. Anyways, so I found some older photos I have taken of myself 🙂 

enjoy! Xxx 




Hi all, the weather is nice here in Longlea, Victoria tonight, looks beautiful outside.

So, does anyone use Stan?

(If your unsure on Stan. Please just google it, if I explained it you would be completely confused)

So I’ve just signed up today, $10 a month I was fairly happy. And starts with a free trial, I think it was 30 days but I can’t remember exactly. 😳 oops. But yeah anyways, I had to buy a $39 USB type thing for the TV so I can watch the shows I want on the TV instead of just the ipod or laptop. I’m just waiting for that to arrive and I’m going to test it out. I didn’t like the foxtelGO one or whatever it’s called (I haven’t much idea of what I’m talking about so please bare with me lol) Luckily I was able to cancel the subscription with foxtelGO before I paid as it actually wouldn’t work on my TV so yeah was a waste, and apparently I can cancel with this one aswel if I need. 😋

I’ve been thinking…

Hey everyone, how has everyone’s week been so far? Mine has been fairly average. Axis is going through his “terrible 2’s” as they call it haha! 

So, I’m thinking about trying to find Daniel a lawyer that is going to actually do right by him, I’m quite furious at what’s been going on. We never hear from the Lawyer he has now and we got screwed over BIG TIME at court. Not only that, but after that we found out that some things have been going on without our knowledge and we told Daniels Lawyer and 2 months on and we’ve heard nothing back!!! If your confused, sorry all I’ll say is that Daniel’s oldest son Tayt, isn’t allowed to see his brothers or step sister or myself, but is allowed to see Daniel’s brother, wife & kids… How’s that fair? And the poor boy keeps asking his daddy why kristy doesn’t want to see him… I do mate, I’m just not allowed to for absolutely NO reason… So yeah legal system f***ed Daniel over.

Sorry about that, we are just so disappointed, so yeah new lawyer I think!