Hi all, the weather is nice here in Longlea, Victoria tonight, looks beautiful outside.

So, does anyone use Stan?

(If your unsure on Stan. Please just google it, if I explained it you would be completely confused)

So I’ve just signed up today, $10 a month I was fairly happy. And starts with a free trial, I think it was 30 days but I can’t remember exactly. 😳 oops. But yeah anyways, I had to buy a $39 USB type thing for the TV so I can watch the shows I want on the TV instead of just the ipod or laptop. I’m just waiting for that to arrive and I’m going to test it out. I didn’t like the foxtelGO one or whatever it’s called (I haven’t much idea of what I’m talking about so please bare with me lol) Luckily I was able to cancel the subscription with foxtelGO before I paid as it actually wouldn’t work on my TV so yeah was a waste, and apparently I can cancel with this one aswel if I need. 😋

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