Hi all, the weather is nice here in Longlea, Victoria tonight, looks beautiful outside.

So, does anyone use Stan?

(If your unsure on Stan. Please just google it, if I explained it you would be completely confused)

So I’ve just signed up today, $10 a month I was fairly happy. And starts with a free trial, I think it was 30 days but I can’t remember exactly. 😳 oops. But yeah anyways, I had to buy a $39 USB type thing for the TV so I can watch the shows I want on the TV instead of just the ipod or laptop. I’m just waiting for that to arrive and I’m going to test it out. I didn’t like the foxtelGO one or whatever it’s called (I haven’t much idea of what I’m talking about so please bare with me lol) Luckily I was able to cancel the subscription with foxtelGO before I paid as it actually wouldn’t work on my TV so yeah was a waste, and apparently I can cancel with this one aswel if I need. 😋

I’ve been thinking…

Hey everyone, how has everyone’s week been so far? Mine has been fairly average. Axis is going through his “terrible 2’s” as they call it haha! 

So, I’m thinking about trying to find Daniel a lawyer that is going to actually do right by him, I’m quite furious at what’s been going on. We never hear from the Lawyer he has now and we got screwed over BIG TIME at court. Not only that, but after that we found out that some things have been going on without our knowledge and we told Daniels Lawyer and 2 months on and we’ve heard nothing back!!! If your confused, sorry all I’ll say is that Daniel’s oldest son Tayt, isn’t allowed to see his brothers or step sister or myself, but is allowed to see Daniel’s brother, wife & kids… How’s that fair? And the poor boy keeps asking his daddy why kristy doesn’t want to see him… I do mate, I’m just not allowed to for absolutely NO reason… So yeah legal system f***ed Daniel over.

Sorry about that, we are just so disappointed, so yeah new lawyer I think!

Another boring post, sorry!

Hey everyone, I hope everyone had an enjoyable day! My day was fairly normal, as I said today the boys, Axis and Kable, have colds 😦 but once they went to bed, I got to sit down and scratch some scratch-it’s that I’ve been saving up, I buy one a week and when I feel like it I scratch them 🙂 pretty fun! 

The $5 Africa Scratch-it’s are the best!!

What’s going on with the world these days…

Good morning to anyone reading!! How is everyone’s morning so far? Over here I’ve just put Kable to bed, Axis is running a muck in his Pajamas still (so cute) and my big girl Ebonee is at school havin fun I hope and their daddy is at work out of town for the day and I’m watching the news… And on that note – the news has just become repeats of yesterday’s news. Right now they are talking about the death penalty, and the Bali 9 men. Ah, you smuggle drugs ANYWHERE, it is illegal and you have to deal the consequences, no matter where you are. As I said yesterday, it’s just unfortunate that it happens to be the death penalty.

I can’t help but think Tony Abbot is just trying to get in the ‘peoples’ good books by trying to get those two Bali 9 men out of dying, surly the PM knows that the Indonesian president isn’t going to decide not to enforce his laws because Tony Abbot keeps threatening and black mailing the Indonesian president… Which isn’t right! 

Any who I really have to stop going on about it, it really seems to get me going, I get quite aggravated by it all. 

Me and Daniel didn’t end up winning the $50,000 on the today show this morning. Haha. Try for $10,000 again in the morning lol. OH so who watched The Block last night?? I love that show, I’m hoping Aiden and Jess can come through and shine but I hope Josh and Charlotte win, they have a great eye for designing and they seem to be good people. I notice they get picked on a bit so I hope they can win. 

Anyways I should go, find out what Axis is yelling at me about. Hope everyone has had a great morning! 

Enjoy 🙂

Kristy Welsh-Wingrave @ foreveryours design & photography x

I feel I need a rant!!

Hey everyone, this post may be a bit boring to most but I’m quite annoyed at our Prime Minister, I’m not angry at Indonesia!! Please stop saying we all are. I can’t say I’m happy about what is going on over there but I understand Indonesia’s reason behind doing what they are going to do. We don’t do it that way here and I’m glad we are all educated enough to know better but if anyone came here doing the same thing, they would have to cop the consequences so the way I see it is, they went there and they should have known that if they were to get caught that the death penalty was a big possiblity. All I agree on is that they should cop the consequences, unfortunately it’s the worst type. 

I do hope it doesn’t end up happening but I know it most likely will and unfortunately Indonesia have every right to do what they going to do.

Anyways onto something else, sorry about that. So, I had a photo in our local newspaper today. 🙂 

Kristy Welsh-Wingrave @ foreveryours design & photography x

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My name is Kristy Welsh-Wingrave, I am a 23 year old Mumma of two and soon to be three.
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I am a self taught Photographer, have been learning for 5 years and I am a photoshop lover again self taught over 8 years.

My name was Kristy Michelle Photography but am doing a re vamp, a fresh start and I am now ForeverYours design & photography, 2014 edition ;).

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